About Us

High-end gaming technology for the best price

Gaming definitely is not just a hobby, and at PCS Computers, you can get all the equipment you need to build the perfect computer for all your gaming needs. Now you can be the best in your tournaments with the best equipment around.
With technology making every aspect of people’s lives significantly improved, investing on top-of-the-line electronics that not only have the best features in the market, but also are more durable are the best way to go. PCS Computers provide high-end computer parts and equipment for the best possible value.
You don’t even need to be a gamer. Everyone deserves high-quality computers for every want and need. Do your tasks, and enjoy every free time with our high-end products that you will sure cherish for a long time.

Starting Small, Making It Big

Founded in 2016 by ISAC, PCS Computers had PC Solutions as its first trade name and focused on providing CCTV Services to hotels and other establishments. With experience in establishing a computer shop before, Ian saw the need for quality gaming equipment in Albay. With it came the idea of starting a new business, a business that boomed into what PCS Computers is today.
Aside from providing high-end laptops and customized builds, PCS Computers also accepts computer repair and customized installation and also provides wireless, long-range deployment, complete CCTV services, fire detection, and home security systems.